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Ensuring your Diesel Rebate Claims.

We specialise in the Diesel Fuel Refund system, where we facilitate:

  • Customised, integrated software and hardware, to ensure the smooth running of your logging process, data collection and data integrity.
  • Access to a system that will furnish SARS with a full audit trail and ensure compliance and eligibility.
  • A system that provides up-to-the-minute live tank measurements and records of all receipts & issues.
  • Continuous data monitoring and feedback.

We will also help you with ensuring that you have the correct registration for different activities like farming, forestry and mining, among others. Our systems will ensure that you are compliant and make you eligible for successful refund claims. Read More

About Us

CustomEx is made up of a dynamic team with many years of experience in Customs and Excise matters. Our team includes a chartered accountant, a B.Comm graduate and a consultant with 26 years experience in SARS Divisions including VAT Audit management. We specialise in the Diesel Rebate system. Our team is able to assist you with ensuring your compliance when claiming a diesel refund. We are also able to train your staff with regards to the correct record-keeping claims procedures and claims documents needed, as well as explaining the legislation as published in the Customs and Excise Act (as the diesel refund system is governed by the Customs and Excise Act and not the VAT Act).

Customs and Excise Duty

We assist with applications for registration of Customs and Excise facilities, as well as giving general advice on any export matters that you may face. We also offer the best advice on Customs and Excise implications relating to the importation and exportation of goods.

Diesel Refund System

CustomEx makes sure that your purchased diesel is being correctly managed, documented and delivered; giving advice on the format, drafting and keeping of logbooks. We ensure that you have the relevant documentation, which should be maintained as evidence that the correct activities have taken place. This includes assisting you in preparation for inspections/audits from SARS.

Should you encounter any issues with SARS, we can help with your appeal in the case of non-compliance; which includes assistance with the drafting and submitting of the appeal.

Our Specialist

Andrew Hancock

Andrew was born in Johannesburg on 15th July 1963, and schooled at Linpark High School where he matriculated in 1980. He was accepted at SARS (Receiver of Revenue) in January 1981 and in July of that year attended compulsory military service. He served for 26 years at SARS and contributed in the Sales Tax Inspectorate as an inspector and later Team Leader of an inspection team. He then led a VAT audit team for several years and later moved into higher management in the Employees Tax division and later the Tax Debt Recovery division. Leaving SARS in 2006, he involved himself with Eskom in the Energy Loss division where he conducted and administered electricity metering audits, and loss calculation and recovery.

He has an amateur interest in anthropology and reads literature on the subject.

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